PVDA Vision & Mission Statement


Unity and integrity, transparency and professional upliftment by virtue of protecting animal health and welfare are the words articulating the philosophy of the Association. Since formation, our organization is moving forward with the aims of creating and promoting opportunities for the participation of marginalized communities in animal husbandry activities, improving the quality of livelihoods of the poor and accelerating the pace of economic growth intending to increase our awareness and defining the role to be played by us in the interest of our members vis-Ă -vis the community by large. All these endeavours bear at their core our basic commitment towards science, service and society.


  • To safeguard the rights and privileges of the members;
  • To uphold the cause, unity and dignity of the Veterinary profession in general' and the Veterinary Doctors in particular;
  • To promote and participate in the professional activities for service of mankind;
  • To enhance the professional integrity among the members of the association and thus to ensure the responsibilities as depicted in Veterinarians oath;
  • To educate and serve for the common people and the farmers about their role in animal husbandry practices and to serve mankind by awareness campaign;
  • To promote the knowledge of Zoonotic diseases for improvement of community health services;
  • To update the members about veterinary education and researches;
  • To keep liaison with the other professional organizations, Government and semi-Government organizations for the upliftment of professional activities;
  • To organize democratic movements involving the citizens with a view to seek better administration and service for the people and to support such movement elsewhere;
  • To promote the professional feelings amongst the members.